Past Winners

Maynard Smith Award

The Maynard Smith Memorial Award was established in 1980 by ASH to honor the memory of Maynard Smith who passed away suddenly in 1979.  Maynard served as Alaska's Zone Chairman for USEF for many years.  He worked hard and diligently in our interests to see that we were represented on the national scene, and to secure certain exceptions to the USEF rules that covered our unique geographical situation.  

The purpose of the award is honor Alaskans who have contributed to the horse industry in Alaska and have worked to promote horses and horsemanship.

The ASH Board of Directors chose Marvin Slaughter as the first recipient in 1980.  Thereafter, the ASH nominating committee nominated one person, and ASH members were also allowed to nominate by mail-in nominating ballot, including a short biography on the nominee not to exceed 300 words.  Recipients of the award do not have to be ASH members, but receive honorary member status upon being chosen for this award.

Final selection is by ballot at the same time the Board of Directors is chosen, with the winner to be announced at the Annual Awards Banquet in January. 


1980 Marvin Slaughter                                      1995 Bob and Gerti Clark                                    2010 Sigurn Robertson

1981 Margaret Adams                                       1996 Julie Eaton                                                    2011 Joe and Madeline Kornegay

1982 Ken Brown                                                 1997 Ralph and Sally Clampitt                            2012 Linda McQueary

1983 Henry Ferguson                                        1998 Drs. Julie and Joe Grohs                            2013 Alaska State Fair, Inc.

1984 Verne France                                             1999 Jill Cornforth                                                2014 Kerri Gephert  

1985 Sammye Seawell                                       2000 Dennis Mugas                                              2015 Beth Theisen

1986 Nadine Kringle                                          2001 Deana Johnson                                            2016 Dr. Sabrieta Holland

1987 Dick Tozier                                                 2002 Susie Kaiser                                                  2017 Virginia Bosveld

1988 Bill Chamberlin                                         2003 Mary Dodge                                                  2018 Jaimie Thurman

1989 Joan Koponen                                           2004 Mary Kay Hession

1990 Marge and Dick Seidler                            2005 Debbie Erickson

1991 Bill and Kati Long                                      2006 Sandra Shacklett

1992 Annie Mabry                                              2007 Marion Sindorf

1993 Bill Turner                                                  2008 Dana and Britta Eaton                                         

1994 Mary Cary                                                   2009 Bert and Sandy McQueen

Marvin Slaughter Junior Sportsmanship Award

Purpose:  To recognize outstanding sportsmanship among Junior ASH members.  In 1991, this award was renamed the Marvin Slaughter Junior Sportsmanship Award.  Mr. Slaughter, who died unexpectedly in 1991, was a long-time fixture at Alaskan horse shows and award banquets, and a favorite with all the juniors.

Eligibility:  Any current Junior ASH member.

Selection:  Nominations to be submitted by a current ASH member along with a written biography of 100 words or less describing how the nominee has displayed exemplary sportsmanship with emphasis on the most current year.  Final selection is by ballot at the same time the Board of Directors is chosen, with the winner to be announced at the Annual Awards Banquet in January.

1990 Dana Eaton                                                2001 Britany Kaiser                                               2012 Aimee Ritter

1991 Stacy Poythress                                         2002 Erin Downey                                                 2013 Erienne Norton

1992 Sarah Salzer                                               2003 Abby Wangstrom & Kati Hackenberger   2014 Madison Horwatt

1993 Andy DeVeaux                                           2004 Britany Waltz                                                2015 Megan Graham

1994 Jordan Olive                                              2005 Shelbie Fredenhagen                                  2016 Madelynne Dey

1995 Katherine DeVeaux                                   2006 Sally Marinucci                                            2017 Hannah Haghighi

1996 Brienne Mabry                                           2007 Kristyn MacDonald                                      2018 Jayden Houston

1997 Amanda Stransky                                      2008 Rachael Denis

1998 Lauren Agni and Beth Carter                  2009 Ross Alexander

1999 Devon Nathanson                                     2010 Emily Geppert

2000 Mary Plummer                                          2011 Sadie Smith